Effective for Body and Brain Development
Simple and Easy to Use

How do you feel when

somebody calls you

Short Heighted?

Do you feel insulted and ashamed of being less tall?
So here comes the simple, easy and most effective way to increase height naturally with More Growth X Gainer.

It not only keeps your body fit and healthy, which will help in increase height and make your body thick and strong.

More Growth X Gainer is an Ayurvedic formula

About Product

More Growth X Gainer is an Ayurvedic formula, which create a positive impact naturally on your height also strengthen you cartilage, bones and tendons that makes body mass index correct. It is a healthy height increase formula, which will work on the overall improvement of your immune and growth system by making you grow taller and help in regaining confidence in your personality.

It works vertically over the body, making balance’s impact on both upper and lower body segment in equal proportion. It also helps in reasonable growth of height and an impartial on the whole development of the body.

More Growth contains many ancient herbs and ingredients which are very useful to increase height and also works on various biological processes to fight against numerous general problems. An example of powerful ingredient is Withania Somnifera (Ashwagandha) which will help the body to cope with daily stress and improves the brain memory function.

While using More Growth X gainer with AKYU Grow insole;
gives you more & fast results as desired.

About Akyu Grow

The design of AKYU GROW insole is scientific and developed using acupressure magnetic therapy, which helps in the release of responsible for height growth from pituitary glands through reflexology. It also works on blood circulation system, thereby creating a positive impact on whole body health and helps out to regain your natural beauty.

AKYU GROW stimulates the pressure points present in your feet and while you exercise, it helps in faster blood movement and thereby promoting height growth naturally.

AKYU GROW insoles available in the form of common shoe insoles, that can be worn under your shoe and can be adjusted according to your feet.

A combination of
More Growth X Gainer with AKYU GROW Insoles

Combo Pack ( More Growth x Gainer + AKYU Grow )

A combination of More Growth X Gainer with AKYU GROW Insoles become more effective and give fast results that makes your dreams come true.

An Ayurvedic Formula of More Growth and Scientific Acupressure technique of AKYU Grow works on the overall development of the body by making you taller and also helps to boost up your confidence.

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It is easy & safe to use.

Just follow the instructions.

More Growth X Gainer

Maximum Body Growth Formula


One tea spoon in morning with a glass of milk or normal water after daily ablutions.
One tea spoon at night before sleeping; with a glass of milk or normal water.
For effective results; avoid Spicy Food, Brinjal, Urad Dal and all kind of sour items

Easy Steps to use More Growth X Gainer

Put the AKYU GROW in your shoes and keep walking for 20 minutes than after take a warm glass of milk added with a tea spoon of More Growth after this you can take your breakfast according to your routine. Repeat these steps in same manners in the evening session put the AKYU GROW in your shoes take a walk or exercise for 20 minutes and a glass of milk added with More Growth now you can take your dinner after 20 minutes of this dose. Isn’t it so easy to add in your routine for only 90 days (3 Months)?

And you will be amazed to see your height increased so easily and off course without any side effect as well.

More Growth and AKYU GROW make a very reliable combination of Aayurveda that belongs to India and the Acupressure Therapy from Japan; it means you don’t need to think about the side effects now.

Put the AKYU GROW in Your shoes

Walk or exercise for 20 minutes

Take a glass of warm milk

Add a tea spoon of More Growth

Take your Breakfast / Dinner accordingly
(Same practice for both Morning & Evening sessions)

Note – Take the More Growth after 20 minutes of walking with AKYU GROW.

Effective for Body and Brain Development

More Growth X Gainer has a unique formula which works not only on Height Increase and Body Growth but also sharpen the mental strength that proves to be a Skill’s Boosters.

Simple and Easy to Use

To understand the benefits of More Growth formula is simple and there are easy steps to be followed for consuming this dietary supplement-:

  • One tablespoon should be taken twice a day both in the morning and at night before sleeping with a glass of milk or with normal water.
  • For better results, try to avoid spicy food and pulses which takes more time in digestion.

Scientifically Safe and Recommended by Medical Experts

More Growth is a completely natural formula which does not create any side effects and also recommended by medical experts for height and body growth permanently.

Myths About Height Increase

1It is impossible to increase height after a certain age

It is being said that height cannot be increased after a certain age, but More Growth X Gainer proves it to be a myth. The increase in height at an early age is possible due to secretion of specific hormones at that age of the bracket. More Growth X Gainer stimulates those factors which help in the resultant growth of height even after particular age column.

2More Growth X Gainer is a Effective product

Height cannot be increased overnight by any pill or supplement; it will take a certain time for a permanent increase in height. This food supplement works on your whole body and within a reasonable period of time; the specific in terms of increase in height and overall development can be noticeably seen.

3Surgical treatment is the only solution for height growth

In the recent past, it is believed that the only way to increase your height is to go through lengthy surgical treatment and heavy investment of time and money. But More Growth not only lengthens your height without any surgery, but also generates a complete personality development and a positive mindset.

More Growth X Gainer

Overview of Ingredients

Increase your Skills Boosters and Stature

Comparison between MORE GROWTH+AKYU GROW & other Products

Q.1 : Is it Safe?
Q.2 : Approved by Experts?
Q.3 : Is easy to use?
Q.4 : How effective it is?
Q.5 : COD available?


No, as it also contains harmful enhancing chemical substances for instant results.
Mostly ignored the certified norms & approvals.
No exact proportion and sometime more repetition in a day.
No such figures or data available.
Yes, also assist by all companies.


Most valuable package!

Yes, it is quite safe as it contains Natural Herbs & Ingredients.
GMP Certified and also approved by experts worldwide.
Yes, only one tea spoon in the morning & at night before sleeping with glass of milk or normal water.
It has a unique formula, which works on whole body growth and also sharpens mental strength.
Yes, can be pay once order delivered.

All our clients are satisfied with its effects.

Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person

Expert Opinion on
More Growth & AKYU GROW

Now a day one most frequent question asked; whether or not it is still a possibility to grow taller after a certain age limit. The answer is surely YES.

More Growth is assuredly the most trusted formula in the recent years to grow taller using only Natural Ayurvedic Ingredients on which notable clinical tests and trials has been done follow norms and certified for Safety & Effectiveness.

If you consume this product regularly; it delivers best results without compromising quality every time.

We have established quality standards by offering Safe and Effective way to grow naturally.

Statistically Proven Effect

During the consumption of More Growth, you feel & experience taller and after completion of course,
you will attain an assumed growth as per available data records.

This is only the Expected Growth Chart on the basis of collected data but results may vary from person to person.


Q-1-: Is this product Safe and Effective for me?
Ans-: More Growth X gainer and Akyu Grow insole is a scientifically proven and herbal formula which works evenly on all the body parts. Before releasing any product in the market, we carefully examine the quality, result and effectiveness in all respects, so that our customers can use it without any doubt in their mind. Our product is GMP certified, which proves its worth.

Q-2-: How can I easily get More Growth X Gainer Kit?
Ans-: You can order More Growth Online through our website by just filling a simple order form. You can choose any payment option as per your convenience such as debit card or cash on delivery.

Q-3-: With which type of footwear we can use these AKYU GROW insoles?
Ans-: These insoles can be used with any type of footwear and it will not be visible to any person watching from outside. It fits easily in every footwear as they are like common shoe insoles; you just place it in between your footwear and feet and experience the impact of these insoles.

Q-4-: Is it OK to wear these insoles while exercising?
Ans-: The insoles are multipurpose which can be worn by both women and men and at anytime. While doing exercises such as running, walking, jogging, gym, these insoles work naturally and even promotes more height growth. Using insoles is safe and do not harm your skin or create any side effect, so go; get your pair of insoles quickly.

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